Experience the Allure of ANNAZUR Organic Spa Eyelash Extensions: Where Expertise Meets Beauty


In a world where beauty and wellness converge, ANNAZUR Organic Spa stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation in eyelash extensions. With a rich history of 12 years in European advanced lash artistry, we bring a touch of sophistication and a deep understanding of beauty aesthetics to every client we serve. Our commitment to your beauty journey doesn't just stop at providing exceptional service; it's about creating a transformative experience that makes you fall in love with your lashes again and again.

Why Choose ANNAZUR Organic Spa for Your Eyelash Extensions?

  1. Unmatched European Expertise: Drawing on 12 years of advanced European experience, our lash artists bring unparalleled skill and precision to each application, ensuring your lashes look flawless and natural.
  2. Tailored Lash Artistry: Whether you're drawn to the Classic, Volume, or Hybrid technique, we customize your lash extensions to perfectly match your eye shape, lifestyle, and beauty preferences.
  3. Commitment to Safety and Quality: At ANNAZUR, we prioritize your health and safety above all. Our procedures are meticulously organized and executed, using only the highest quality, organic materials to protect your natural lashes and skin.
  4. Escape the Daily Makeup Routine: Imagine waking up every morning to perfect lashes without the need for mascara, falsies, or an eyelash curler. Our eyelash extensions offer you the freedom to enjoy a stunning lash look round the clock, for at least a month without any maintenance hassles.

Before You Take the Plunge: 8 Things to Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions

  1. Eyelash Extensions vs. Filler Lash Lift: Understand the difference. Eyelash extensions add length, volume, and drama, while a lash lift enhances your natural lashes' curl and appearance.
  2. Choose Your Style Wisely: From the natural allure of Classic lashes to the dramatic flair of Volume and the balanced beauty of Hybrid, there's a style for every eye. Consult with our experts to find your perfect match.
  3. The Safe and Organized Procedure: Fear not, for our lash application process is designed to be a relaxing, safe, and comfortable experience, with no risk to your natural lashes or eyes.
  4. Aftercare is Key: To ensure your lash extensions last as long as possible, follow our simple aftercare instructions. Avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours and minimize rubbing or pulling at your lashes.
  5. Time to Say Goodbye to Your Mascara: With lash extensions, the need for daily mascara application and removal becomes a thing of the past, saving you time and protecting your lashes from breakage.
  6. A Commitment to Regular Fills: Just like your natural lashes, extensions shed with your lash cycle. Plan for regular fills every 2-4 weeks to maintain that full, lush look.
  7. Budget Considerations: While eyelash extensions are an investment in your beauty routine, the time and money saved on daily makeup can make them a cost-effective option in the long run.
  8. Trust the Professionals: Always choose a reputable salon with experienced technicians, like ANNAZUR Organic Spa, to ensure the health of your natural lashes and achieve the best possible results.

Conclusion: Your Beauty, Our Passion

At ANNAZUR Organic Spa, we believe that beauty is a form of art, and your eyes are the canvas. Our mission is to provide you with a lash extension experience that not only enhances your natural beauty but also instills a sense of confidence and joy in your daily life. With our expertise, commitment to quality, and personalized approach, we're here to make you fall in love with your lashes. Book your appointment today and embrace the allure of effortless beauty.



  • How long do eyelash extensions last? With proper care, eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks, but we recommend touch-ups every 2-4 weeks.
  • Are eyelash extensions safe? Absolutely! When applied by a professional, eyelash extensions are completely safe and will not harm your natural lashes.
  • Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions? Yes, but you'll find that your need for eye makeup significantly decreases. If you do choose to wear makeup, opt for oil-free products to protect your extensions.

Visit us today and discover why ANNAZUR is the trusted name for eye modeling in Jacksonville. Your enhanced, natural beauty is just an appointment away.


  1. 13400 Sutton Park Drive S Unit 1101, Jacksonville FL 32224 (Hodges Blvd): Located in the heart of Hodges Blvd, our first location offers a serene oasis where you can unwind and beautify your lashes with our premium eyelash extension services.
  2. 4130 Salisbury Rd Ste 1220, Jacksonville FL 32216: Our second location on Salisbury Rd provides another opportunity for you to experience the magic of eyelash extensions in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Ready to experience the allure of perfectly crafted eyelash extensions? Visit us at ANNAZUR Organic Spa and discover the difference expertise and quality can make in your beauty routine.

Check our Reviews

Siara Whaley
Siara Whaley
6 months ago
My eyebrows look SOOOOO GOOD. I’ll be going here for everything. Amazing quality and customer service is top tier. My eyebrow tech fixed my eyebrows after another place completely ruined them! It’s a miracle they look this good. Thanks so much Lorelei you rock!! * I added a before and after.
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf
2 months ago
I have been going to see Yulia just shy of a year for the Brazilian Sugaring. I first started seeing her during my second trimester. She always made me feel so comfortable. She was patient, personable, and professional. She truly is an experienced and qualified licensed esthetician. I drive well over an hour just to book with her-she is that good! If you’re on the fence about doing this, don’t be! You will be in good hands!
TyKera Williams
TyKera Williams
3 months ago
If you have not yet experienced waxing or sugaring services, I highly recommend trying it. To put it short, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! I recently received my services from Loralei, who I found to be professional, welcoming, and straightforward. I was impressed by her patience, she took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the process, ensuring there were no surprises or misunderstandings. Although many of the services I received were first time, this will not be my last.…
Joy Waugaman
Joy Waugaman
9 months ago
Jaylene was absolutely amazing! She was able to see me the same day and remove my old lashes and do a full set. She made them appear cat eye and they are just gorgeous! This spa also sells some amazing jewelry and skin care products. I’ve tried a few already and am in love. This is my new permanent salon for any brow, lash, or facial needs.
Khadijah Gray
Khadijah Gray
2 months ago
Aliz from Annazur Organic Spa is simply Sensational. She has transformed my skin and every experience is super luxurious and relaxing. I look forward to my facials every month. I highly recommend the hydra facial, Gua Sha lift facial, and the microdermabrasion along with all other services. The experience is 1,000,000/10 and you won’t be disappointed ❤️