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Waxing is considered one of the most affordable and effective methods of hair removal. Waxing does not remove unwanted growth forever, however, the skin will remain perfectly smooth for up to three weeks. One of the main advantages of this method is the ability to completely eliminate the use of razors or chemical creams. In addition, regular waxing lasts longer and significantly reduces the regrowth of new hairs since the root is removed.

Many women note that after a waxing new hair will become softer and eventually completely disappear in some areas for a longer period of time.

How is waxing done?

Waxing does not require any special preparation, however, before the procedure, you should not have shaved the area recently or have been excessively exposed to the excessive sun or heat. On the day of the procedure, your skin should be healthy and not have any abnormal irritation.

Waxing begins heating the solution to an optimum temperature. To do this, a special wax alloy is used. In rare cases, a microwave can be used to heat up wax, although this isn’t recommended as to not being able to precisely control the temperature. The wax should be heated up enough to be applied easily, but not so hot that it causes burns. 

After the wax paste is prepared, the esthetician applies it to the areas of the body in the direction of hair growth and attaches a special fabric strip. After a few seconds, when the wax penetrates the root base of the hair, the strips are removed with a sharp movement, removing the hair and their root.

Waxing Areas of the Body

Waxing can be applied to skin with any type of hair. Waxing can be done to remove all hair in a specific area of the body or to “shape up” areas as well. For example, Bikini Waxing is used for this method. However, some people may prefer a Brazilian deep bikini treatment which is the complete removal of hair in those areas. 

The most important part of a “Brazilian” hair removal treatment is the preparation process. If you decide to remove hair from intimate zones, decide which treatment to choose and then do your research.

Before the procedure, the area should be inspected. Hair should be at least 1/16 inch (3mm) - 1/4 inch (7mm). If the length is shorter, hair removal may not be possible in one shot. If that is the case it is recommended that the procedure be repeated in various sessions.

To prepare for a Brazilian hair removal treatment, you should take a hot bath for 15-20 minutes so that the hair and skin is steamed.  On the evening before hair removal, you also need to clean the skin with a soft scrub or sponge so the hairs will be removed more easily.

Don’t try to get rid of excess hairs at home before a session. To get a guaranteed and lasting result, it is best to receive a waxing treatment from one of our specialists at our spa.

Types of Wax

There are three options for waxing, depending on the temperature of the wax. Hot, warm, or cold wax may be used. All varieties have advantages and disadvantages, as well as their mode of application.

Hot wax requires careful temperature control. It should be heated beforehand using a device that can control the temperature of the wax. If overheated, there is the possibility of getting burned. In addition, the wax has to be kept under constant heat, as it can cool and harden quickly.

With hot wax, hairs are removed almost painlessly. Hot wax penetrates into the pores which expand due to heat allowing the hair to be removed with less force. Therefore, it is often used for the bikini zone, armpits, and the face. Even coarse hair can be effectively removed with this method. The composition of wax used for hot waxing includes resins and essential oils. Because it is hot and penetrates into the pores, it cannot be used for those with vascular issues.

How Painful is Waxing?

Most will give positive feedback on waxing experiences. Many note almost a complete absence of any uncomfortable sensations, both during and after waxing. Due to the fact that the wax is usually heated, pores open and hairs are removed easily. 

Waxing has one main significant advantage over another common procedure called “sugaring”, that is the ability to treat large areas of the body. This allows you to significantly reduce the possibility of pain since the procedure goes much quicker. Thus, waxing is ideal for treating the legs, back, abdomen and arms.

To control the temperature of the wax, a trained esthetician uses a special device for heating, which maintains an optimal temperature and does not allow for overheating.


for Sugaring/Waxing

Waxing: Benefits

  • Waxing in general is a procedure that is very comfortable and is over quickly. When you have a good technician the results of waxing can last almost a month. Here are some other benefits of waxing: 
  • The speed of the procedure. Waxing is much faster than sugaring since there is the possibility of immediately treating large areas of the body. 
  • Ability to get rid of unwanted hair for up to a month. Depending on the type of hair and the how quickly it grows, smooth skin will delight you from two weeks to a month
  • Eliminating non-modern means for depilation (creams, brighteners, tweezers, razors, etc.)
  • Hygiene
  • Safety. No discomfort during the procedure. Since the esthetician works very quickly, waxing does not take much time, which means that it is almost painless. When the proper technique is used you can’t get hurt.  
  • Prevention of the appearance of ingrown hair and peach fuzz.
  • Re-growth hair becomes less thick. Waxing reduces the amount of hair and brightens them, making them very thin
  • Removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Contraindications for Waxing

Despite the fact that hair removal with wax is very effective, this method has some disadvantages:

  • Some people are allergic to wax. You can easily find this out at your first visit to the salon by conducting a strip test with your esthetician. If an allergy is present, then we recommend choosing “Sugaring”, another common hair removal procedure. 
  • Poor waxing may cause ingrown hairs. Always be careful to choose a trained specialist in hair removal in order to get the best results.
  • You should not use a tanning bed or sauna before or immediately after getting a waxing treatment. 

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Joy Waugaman
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Jen Abercrombie
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Mj Barker
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Amber Haufler
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ANNAZUR is such a wonderful Spa, the staff is so welcoming and accommodating. Aliz is one of my favorites, she creates the best experience. I have enjoyed every treatment so far and will continue to visit.
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