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Learn the Secrets of Permanent Makeup

It's easy to learn!

You can make $3,000–$5,000 weekly!


Revenue per procedure: $300–$700
Time per procedure: 2–3.5 hours
Annual income approximately (not including tips): $150,000*


Providing permanent makeup services sounds amazing, right?


*We guarantee to give you the best training during our Permanent Makeup Courses. However, your success after the course depends solely on how much work and time you put into practicing. We do not promise results or income. We never stop learning and improving our skills and professionalism, so please, be ready to do the same.

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Lip Blushing Tattoo Needle

Lip Blushing Courses

(Permanent Makeup)

Courses begin from just $1890.

Microblading mapping being done

Microblading Courses

(Permanent Makeup)

Courses begin from just $2990.