Discover the unmatched effectiveness of underarm sugaring at ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA, your premier destination for gentle and efficient hair removal. Tailored for the sensitive underarm skin, sugaring emerges as the top choice for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience.

Underarms Sugaring

Discover the unmatched effectiveness of underarm sugaring at ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA, your premier destination for gentle and efficient hair removal. Tailored for the sensitive underarm skin, sugaring emerges as the top choice for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience.

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Underarms Sugaring

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Why Underarms Sugaring?

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Sugaring is particularly recommended for more delicate and sensitive areas due to its gentle nature and the fact that it exclusively targets hair follicles.
Sugaring is recognized for its gentleness, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting results, offering a solution to discomfort, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps often associated with shaving or traditional waxing methods.
On the other hand, waxing, known for its simplicity, remains a versatile option catering to various preferences and needs. The decision between sugaring and waxing often depends on individual considerations and the specific areas being treated.

Key advantages of underarms sugaring

Experience the transformative effects of underarm sugaring with regular treatments, resulting in hair that becomes more sparse, softer, and lighter in color. Enjoy the confidence of less noticeable regrowth between sessions.

Frequent underarm sugaring sessions contribute to hair follicle shrinkage, potentially leading to a permanent reduction in hair growth. Embrace the long-lasting results that elevate sugaring as a preferred alternative to traditional methods.

Prioritize safety with underarm sugaring, a method that is 100% safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Unlike other hair removal, sugaring eliminates the risk of burns, allowing for comfortable and irritation-free hair removal.

Sugaring not only removes hair but also acts as a body exfoliant, enhancing the smooth and soft results cherished by our clients. Revel in the dual benefits of hair removal and skin revitalization.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

If your skin leans towards the sensitive side, where even the slightest touch can trigger irritation, sugaring emerges as your optimal choice. This 100% organic hair removal method offers a gentle, skin-friendly alternative, significantly reducing redness and irritation. Perfect for individuals with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, sugaring ensures a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Contrarily, regular wax reaches extremely high temperatures, posing a risk, particularly in delicate areas. With its gentle approach, Sugaring involves a paste that solely adheres to the hair, avoiding skin contact. This minimizes irritation and discomfort during the process. The malleability of the sugar paste surpasses that of hard wax, allowing it to reach the root more effectively, and decreasing the likelihood of hair breakage at the surface.

Our Prices at a Glance

Sugaring / Waxing

Regular Price Member's Price
* Top esthetician

Bikini French4539
Bikini Brazilian7159
Bikini Brazilian*8571
Glutes (Buttocks)3525
Back (Partial)3528
Stomach (Partial)2015
Full Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin)6955
Bikini French 45 39
Bikini Brazilian 71 59
Bikini Brazilian* 85 71
Glutes (Buttocks) 35 25
Back 60 43
Back (Partial) 35 28
Stomach 45 29
Stomach (Partial) 20 15
Arms 55 45
Arms (Half) 39 25
Underarms 30 21
Legs 75 65
Legs (Half) 49 39
Neck 29 15
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian) 219 169
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian)* 279 219
Eyebrows 25 18
Ears 20 15
Lip 20 15
Chin 20 15
Cheeks 15 10
Nostrills 15 10
Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin) 69 55


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Sugaring Paste 22 oz for Hair removal

Smoothness with Sugaring. Organic hair removal paste.
MEDIUM PASTE for all body parts

Indulge in the long-lasting results of our skin-safe sugar paste, promoting a 50% reduction in hair growth. Sugar Waxing emerges as a superior choice for semi-permanent hair removal, targeting hair at the root. Revel in the assurance that new hair won't resurface in the treated area for two to four weeks, offering an extended period of smoothness. While some may experience regrowth within a week, the overall efficacy is undeniable.

Versatile Sugaring for Every Body Part
It caters to almost every body area. From eyebrows to face, pubic region to legs, arms to back, abdomen to feet – sugaring is your go-to solution. Embrace the comprehensive coverage of sugaring for a hair-free experience that lasts.


5 Stars

This was my first time at ANNAZUR and they definitely exceeded my expectations. Upon arriving I was instantly greeted by a calm, clean environment, which is definitely something you wanna see from a spa. Yulia talked me through the whole process, since this was my first brazilian sugaring, and she made it super easy and chill. Definitely recommend giving this place a try whether you’re looking for hair removal services, permanent makeup, or even spa service. Will be returning! 

— Angela

5 Stars

Love this place! I go monthly for Brazilian sugaring with Aliz. I actually drive across town just to see her. I recommend getting the membership because once you start, you’ll never want to go anywhere else. Plus, you’ll get the discounted …

— Courtney Robey

5 Stars
am so happy with my results! Can’t wait to go back for my Powder Ombre and my Brazilian Bikini Sugaring! Update: The sugaring was a relatively painless experience… will definitely do again as I am thrilled with the results. My powder brows look amazing for day two and I have gotten tons of compliments already!

— Jen

5 Stars

I had Aliz and she was awesome. So professional and friendly. Made the process so quick. I had a Brazilian bikini sugaring today and my experience in the past with regular wax was always excruciatingly painful. The sugaring really made a difference and I didn’t get half as irritated in those sensitive areas! She was able to use one ball of sugaring the entire time so it wasn’t a long process at all. Highly recommend!

— Nikole

5 Stars
I had a Brazilian sugaring done & wow. I’ve never done any type of waxing before so this was my first experience. Ruzanna made me feel very comfortable with the process & I appreciated her helping me through because it was painful not gonna lie. The first time was something I’d never like to go through again… which luckily I don’t have to! The second time around was WAY better, much less painful, and much quicker. Ruzanna told me it hurt so much the first go around because I never waxed prior & my follicles were so big… but as long as i keep sugaring it will be better & better. If you’re hesitant because you’ve never done sugaring or did it one time & it hurt too bad so you never did it again… I encourage you to do it again! It really is much more pleasant the second time around. Why do it at all? The results are incredible! Going from having stubble 24hrs after shaving to having a smooth area for weeks after… AMAZING. Love. Worth it worth it worth it. Thank you

— Tabi

5 Stars
I’ve been coming here for over a year and everytime is amazing. Loralei (esthetician at Annazur) does my sugaring Brazilian wax and we have the best time. I also use the Annazur cleanser and mask and my face is so refreshed!

— Shambria


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