Permanent Makeup
in Jacksonville

At Annazur Beauty Organic Spa, we specialize in permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, eyes, and more. Address all your cosmetic concerns in just 2-3 hours and enjoy the results for a minimum of 2 years.

Permanent Makeup
in Jacksonville

At Annazur Beauty Organic Spa, we specialize in permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, eyes, and more. Address all your cosmetic concerns in just 2-3 hours and enjoy the results for a minimum of 2 years.

Why Choose Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup will help you feel confident 24/7.

With permanent makeup, you won’t need to wake up early to apply makeup before work or important events. With this popular cosmetic procedure, you get long-lasting results that last up to two years.

At Annazur Beauty Organic Spa, we perform permanent makeup using gentle and painless techniques. We fully preserve the epidermis, and the procedure is conducted under local anesthesia. You receive long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results, without pain or skin scarring.


The most popular facial areas for permanent makeup are:

Eyebrow Micropigmentation allows for creating the perfect shape, making the eyebrows appear thicker and more expressive. You won’t need to do them everyday – save time!

Result: Natural, symmetrical, and well-groomed brows that perfectly complement your face shape.

Permanent eye makeup draws attention to your eyes. This procedure can create the effect of eyeliner or eyelash enhancement, giving your gaze depth and expression.

Result: Your eyes appear brighter and more open even without makeup.

Permanent lip makeup allows for reshaping, adding volume, and enhancing the color intensity of your lips. It is the perfect solution for you if you dream of perfectly defined, juicy lips without needing to apply lipstick daily.

Result: More expressive, symmetrical, and attractive lips that maintain their color and shape for a long time and in any conditions.

During a free consultation (15 minutes), you can ask any questions that concern you, dispelling myths and fears.

Contact us now and ask any questions about Permanent Makeup.

Are You a Good Candidate For Permanent Makeup?

If you're tired of spending each morning applying makeup, it might be time to consider permanent makeup.

Additionally, the procedure is recommended if you have:

Naturally light eyebrows, eyelashes, or lips.

Asymmetry in your lips or eyebrows.

Scars or scars on your lips.

Frequent herpes outbreaks that leave white marks.

Partial or complete alopecia of the eyebrows.

Pathological hair loss on the head.

Allergy to decorative cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup at Annazur Beauty Organic Spa

Forget about morning eyebrow tinting and achieve aesthetic, full brows in just 1.5-2 hours at our salon. We restore the perfect shade and shape even to the lightest or fully plucked brows.

The ideal solution for sparse, thin brows. With Powber Ombre Brows, you get dense, subtly shaded tinted brows with a long-lasting effect of up to 2 years. Suitable for all skin types.

If you're unsatisfied with the color and shape of your lips and tired of lipstick, try Lip Blushing. This procedure helps create lips of the perfect shade and shape.

Achieve neat and beautiful eyeliner that doesn't need to be washed off before bed and redrawn every morning. Permanent Eyeliner enhances your eyes, sharpens their shape, and maintains the confidence in your look 24/7.

Don't let hair growth problems affect your self-esteem, confidence, and emotional health. In just 2-4 sessions with Scalp Micropigmentation, we conceal any degree of baldness on the scalp area. Get thick hair right now with an effect lasting up to 2 years.

Scar camouflage

No more need to be ashamed of skin defects on your face and body. Our scar camouflage procedure gently, aesthetically, and painlessly conceals scars, facial burns, vitiligo, and other skin defects. There's no rehabilitation period – you will notice the results right after the procedure. The results last up to 3 years.

Stretch marks

Stop hiding stretch marks under clothing and spending money on ineffective creams. With our Stretch Marks service, we quickly and painlessly restore the ability to enjoy perfect skin. We select pigment colors specifically tailored to your skin tone. We effectively camouflage stretch marks on the abdomen, chest, shoulders, buttocks, and other areas, regardless of the cause of their appearance.

What Should You Expect From Permanent Makeup?

How Permanent Makeup Changes Your Life After Just One Session:

  • You achieve a long-lasting effect.

    The effect of permanent makeup lasts at least 1.5-2 years. The duration depends on skin type, age, and lifestyle.

  • Save time on daily makeup, up to 100 hours per year.

    On average, women spend 91 hours per year on makeup. Permanent Makeup procedures in the salon last no more than 1-2 hours and require touch-ups no more than once a year. See the difference? With Permanent Makeup, you can dedicate time to more enjoyable and important activities every morning.

  • Look irresistible and youthful 24/7.

    Permanent Makeup accentuates and corrects your facial features. It makes your eyes, brows, and lips more expressive and symmetrical. It helps correct age-related changes, such as loss of lip contour clarity or thinning eyebrows.

  • Achieve natural beauty.

    We use materials and techniques that achieve the most natural results, mimicking natural eyebrow hairs or soft eyeliner lines.

  • Stop worrying about makeup smudging.

    Permanent Makeup is water-resistant and sweat-resistant. This is especially convenient if you lead an active lifestyle or engage in sports. Now you can be confident in your makeup wherever you are: at work, on vacation, at home, or in the pool.

Permanent Makeup Near Me – Why Choose Annazur?


Our team possesses high qualifications and over 16 years of experience in the field of permanent makeup. At Annazur Organic Beauty Spa, we continuously enhance our skills and learn new Permanent Makeup techniques to consistently provide you with quality services.

Cleanliness is our priority

We strictly adhere to all sanitary norms and safety standards. Our tools are disinfected after each client, and disposable needles and materials are used only once.

Our reputation is impeccable

We take pride in our reputation, supported by numerous positive reviews and client recommendations. Our team continually strives for excellence to ensure every session at our salon leaves a positive impression.

Consultation is key

Before the procedure, we conduct a consultation to discuss your preferences. We explain the procedure in detail, answer questions, and help you choose the optimal characteristics for your permanent makeup.

Comfort is guaranteed with us

Attentive care and ensuring your comfort are our priorities. We've created a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to make your visit a true retreat. You can fully relax and enjoy the transformation process with us.

We care about you even after the procedure

After the procedure, we provide detailed skincare recommendations for home care to help maintain the results for as long as possible. You can always reach out to us for additional consultation or support.


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Over time, as the skin naturally renews itself, the color may slightly fade. In some cases, the effect can last 2-3 years.