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When it comes to hair removal, waxing and sugaring are the best methods.

Our Specialists at ANNAZUR Organic Spa will take total care of your body with our full body waxing services (underarms + legs + arms + Brazilian bikini).


When it comes to hair removal, waxing and sugaring are the best methods.

Our Specialists at ANNAZUR Organic Spa will take total care of your body with our full body waxing services (underarms + legs + arms + Brazilian bikini).

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Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms + Brazilian)

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Body Hair Removal

Dealing with body hair can be a daily hassle, especially if you're stuck shaving every day. At ANNAZUR Organic Beauty Spa we understand and we have a solution for you. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, waxing and sugaring is the way to go, and we've got the best methods at ANNAZUR Organic Spa. If you're looking for body waxing services, we've got you covered. We can wax various areas of your body, including:

Underarms sugaring


Get smooth and hair-free underarms with ANNAZUR sugaring hair removal – a natural and long-lasting method. Effective underarm hair removal and comfortable skin exfoliation, ensuring lasting results and boosting your confidence.

Legs Waxing


Say goodbye to unwanted leg hair with ANNAZUR's waxing hair removal. A natural and long-lasting solution for achieving smooth, hair-free legs. Our exclusive technique ensures radiant, exfoliated skin.

Arms waxing


Get ready to bid farewell to those unwanted arm hairs with waxing hair removal. Unlock the secrets to flawless arm hair removal through expert tips and techniques. Experience silky-smooth skin that you'll confidently love to show off.

Bikini sugaring


Achieve the ultimate silky smoothness with ANNAZUR's sugaring hair removal specifically crafted for the bikini area. This natural and enduring method effectively eliminates unwanted hair in the most intimate area, ensuring beautifully smooth and clean skin.

Price for all these 4 areas of your body

$169 - member's price

$219 - regular price

Why us?

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Our methods of hair removing ensure zero burn risk and minimal hair breakage and reduces ingrown hairs.

Say goodbye to discomfort, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps associated with shaving or traditional. Ensuring a more comfortable and skillful hair removal experience.
Waxing and sugaring procedures differ from shaving or trimming by extracting the entire hair from the follicle instead of cutting it at the surface. These methods ensures longer-lasting hairlessness compared to shaving, and the process typically takes around half an hour.
Experience thorough and long-lasting hair removal with minimal waste, maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Prices at a Glance

Sugaring / Waxing

Regular Price Member's Price
* Top esthetician

Bikini French4539
Bikini Brazilian7159
Bikini Brazilian*8571
Glutes (Buttocks)3525
Back (Partial)3528
Stomach (Partial)2015
Full Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin)6955
Bikini French 45 39
Bikini Brazilian 71 59
Bikini Brazilian* 85 71
Glutes (Buttocks) 35 25
Back 60 43
Back (Partial) 35 28
Stomach 45 29
Stomach (Partial) 20 15
Arms 55 45
Arms (Half) 39 25
Underarms 30 21
Legs 75 65
Legs (Half) 49 39
Neck 29 15
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian) 219 169
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian)* 279 219
Eyebrows 25 18
Ears 20 15
Lip 20 15
Chin 20 15
Cheeks 15 10
Nostrills 15 10
Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin) 69 55


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5 Stars

Aaaaaamazing. Y'all. Okay first time sugaring, first time really anything on my body hair being removed by my eyebrows. Absolutely amazing. Now I know everyone's pain tolerance is different. Ruzanna warned me that it would be uncomfortable, that she would take it as slow as I needed to. We powered through it. She checked on me consistently asking if I was okay. Made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. We talked the whole time, WHICH REALLY HELPED, and at the end she was done and told me about aftercare. I HIGHLY recommend this place. I know I'm going to keep going back.

— Aimee Ross

5 Stars
The most love place i used the place make u feel comfortable when you just step in then all the estheticians amazing amd professional i tried body sugaring and facial and i always choose ANNAZUR. U can't feel with any pain between jer hands and Permenant make she iz not just amazing most than that she did ombré powder for my eyebrows im so so glad with the result after it healed same thing with my lips with lip blush and really advice me honestly what color go to my regular color lips and a 100/ 10 happy feel more confident with my results.if there is more than five stars i will put them all

— Ash

5 Stars
Annazur is very professionally and service was great and affordable!!! Did a full body sugaring and my skin is glowing.

— Alecia

5 Stars
I’ve had body waxing done by Ruzanna and Lorelei. Both were super sweet and did an amazing job! It’s been the only two times I’ve ever had it done and they helped me to feel totally relaxed. I’m hooked! I love that they use organic wax and natural products as I’m very particular what I use on my skin.

— Cheri Swartzendruber

5 Stars
Omgeeeeee !!! I’m now a member after this beautiful rejuvenation I just received ! Aliz was AMAZING!! She was informative, caring , reassuring and just sweet ! I wanted to treat myself and she helped me feel like I pampered my body to the extreme lol ! I’m already addicted to sugar waxing 😝

— Rose

5 Stars
I love ANNAZUR for sugaring! It hurts way less than wax and it works much better. This place is very friendly and calm and clean.

— Savannah


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