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was $600

now just $399 

Book Eyeliner permanent today to lock in this special rate!
Price for the Initial Session.
1st time customers only.

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Eyeliner Permanent makeup has a number of advantages

is not erased in any conditions and in any weather

eyes become brighter, more expressive

creates the effect of large eyes

visually rejuvenate a woman

Why Eyeliner?

Eyeliner permanent makeup 4

Eyeliner created using tattooing is the best way to make eyes expressive without constant tinting.

Eyeliner is suitable for any type of appearance and any shape of the eyes. It saves time, especially when traveling, on vacation.

And if you wear lenses sometimes, eyeliner tattooing will become irreplaceable for you! After all, in the evening the eyes become so sensitive that any, even hypoallergenic cosmetics, irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. With eyeliner permanent makeup you will forget about these problems.

If you have small eyes or lowered corners of the eye, then tattooing is what will hide these imperfections and improve your appearance. Your expressive look will conquer the hearts of all.

How is Permanent Eyeliner done?

Permanent eyeliner is done through a process called micropigmentation, where a specialized tattoo machine deposits pigment along the lash line.

The procedure enhances the eyes, providing a semi-permanent makeup solution that lasts for an extended period.

eyeliner permanent makeup
Eyeliner permanent makeup 8

How to care for eyelids after the procedure?

Aftercare can be prescribed only after the procedure, according to statistics, this is washing the tattoo area with a solution of chlorhexidine miramistin and applying Bepanthen ointment at least three times a day. Aftercare lasts from 7 to 14 days post tattooing.

What result can be expected?

Eyelashes will be the same as before the tattoo, and even thicker. It is noticed that tattooing activates the bulbs and hairs begin to grow even where they have not grown

Eyeliner permanent makeup 7
Eyeliner permanent makeup 10

Can I wet my eyes, take a shower, swim in the pool or the sea?

In the period from 7 to 14 days after the procedure, visits to swimming pools saunas, tanning salons are prohibited. Do not wet and steam out the tattoo area, and water should not contact the area for more than 15 minutes a day. After the healing process, all restrictions are removed.

Why choose ANNAZUR?

We are state licensed and have a 100% client satisfaction rate. This is because we actually listen to our clients.

We are also very experienced with correcting previous tattoo work as many brave clients are drawn into very low prices and get botched. Then they have to come to us to have it fixed.

Many artists with low prices order pigments from China, which are usually metal based and dangerous to your health. However, we use pigments formulated and made in the USA. They're metal-free and have no irritating or dangerous ingredients.

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Book today to lock in this special rate!
Price for the Initial Session. 1st time customers only.

was $600

now just $399


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