How To Extend The Result After Sugaring

How To Extend The Result After Sugaring

Sugaring is called by various names: sugar epilation, sugar hair removal, caramel hair removal, oriental hair removal, sweet hair removal, Persian hair removal, but it is the same procedure. The history of the procedure originated in ancient times.

According to historians, innovative methods of combating excess hair growth began to appear in the 3rd century BC.E. Sugar epilation could have been “born” in Egypt or in Persia. However, the technique of sugaring grew in popularity in the UK and the USA as a cosmetic procedure in the 1980’s.  Sugaring, unlike wax epilation, is a less painful and gentler method for removing unwanted hair. Many people prefer sugaring over waxing because when getting a sugaring done regularly, your skin comes away looking and feeling smoother for a longer time. Sugaring even removes dead skin cells.

The duration of the effects depends on many factors, but if you follow the recommendations from your esthetician with regards to aftercare treatment, you can significantly increase the intervals between sessions.

Sugar Waxing Technique

In the process of sugaring, the root of the hair is extracted along with its outer part, while the follicle remains unaffected. Due to this, the effect of the procedure can only be temporary because the subcutaneous elements necessary for the growth of new hair are preserved. However, compared with other methods of epilation, the use of sugaring provides an effect that lasts about 4 weeks.

The duration is a direct result of the technique used in the procedure. During the session, a sugar paste, warmed to a comfortable temperature, is applied to your skin that has been prepped against the direction of hair growth. After about 20 seconds, using a sharp movement the mixture is removed simultaneously with the hair. In this case, the removal of the paste occurs along the direction of hair growth.

Unlike sugaring, a normal waxing involves the removal of hair against the direction of natural hair growth and is more traumatic.

When done regularly, sugaring can ensure that with each procedure, new hair becomes lighter, softer, and thinner.

Duration of Sugaring

On average, new hair begins to appear about 2-3 weeks after a procedure. Usually these new hairs only become noticeable after 4 weeks of growth. The duration of your results is determined by the characteristics of the treated area as well as individual factors. The proximity of blood vessels to the skin’s surface also affects the rate of hair growth.

Hair regrowth begins to appear more quickly in the eyebrow and armpit areas. These areas usually remain smooth for about 2 weeks after the procedure. In the bikini area and on the surface of the legs, the effects can last longer,  for around 3-4 weeks. It should be noted that sections of the bikini are characterized by heterogeneous growth. The longest duration of sugaring results can be seen in the areas above the upper lip, the cheekbones, cheeks and chin. Here hair growth stops for about 4 weeks.

Among the individual characteristics that affect the speed of hair growth, the following are noticed:

  • Hormones:  In the case of hormonal imbalance, an accelerated appearance of hair with a noticeable darkening occurs. If the sugaring procedure effect lasts less than 2 weeks, then consult a specialist to check your level of hormones.
  • Nationality:  Depending on your nationality hair can be thinner and softer or denser and stiffer. Normally, people of Caucasian and Asian backgrounds have dense growth on their bodies. Whereas Slavic nationalities are distinguished by lighter and less dense hair.
  • Genetic features:  Dense hair can be inherited, like most other characteristics.
  • Gender:  Hair in men is characterized by greater stiffness and growth intensity than in women.


Increase Sugaring Effectiveness

To increase the interval between procedures, follow these rules for preparing the surface:

  • Before the session, exfoliate your skin where you plan to have the sugaring done. This will facilitate the extraction of hair, including short hairs.
  • Be sure to use talcum powder before the waxing, this ensures reliable paste adhesion of all hairs and a more thorough removal.
  • A few hours before the procedure take a bath and steam the skin. The pores will open and the session will be easier. This allows the sugar paste to penetrate the pores better and remove the hair without breakage.
  • Immediately after the session, treat the surface with an antiseptic such as Chlorhexidine. This will bring down inflammation and hold back hair growth.
  • Two days after sugaring use a scrub. Gentle cleansing of the pores will prevent ingrown hairs and enhance the effect of waxing.
  • Over the next few days avoid stress. Stress can cause increased blood circulation which can cause inflammation.
  • Avoid bathing in hot water, going to a saunas, or participating in intense physical exercise.

The length the hair that will sugared should be around 1/16 inch (3mm) - 1/4 inch (7mm). If not, hair that is too short will not be grabbed properly in the paste and will remain on your skin. Hair that is too long will also not allow for correct sugaring and will almost always be more painful than normal. If your hair is too long, gently cut it.

The correct choice of paste and the correct execution of the procedure will also help to maintain the smoothness of the treated areas for a long time. So, for darker coarse hair in the bikini and armpit zones, it is necessary to use a mixture of a dense paste. For waxing of after hairs, like on your arms and legs, a softer paste is more suitable.

In order to prevent hair regrowth for as long as possible, experts recommend regularly performing a sugaring procedure and not using a razor or other methods of shaving between sessions. Using sugaring is it nor possible to remove hair growth permanently but it is possible to significantly slow down hair growth and change its structure.

The sugaring procedure should to be done once every 2-4 weeks.

Pros and cons of Sugaring

The main advantage of sugaring is that the sugar paste has a peeling effect: keratinized epidermal cells adhere to it and in the process they are exfoliated.

The main advantages of sugaring are:

  • Sugaring in general has a relatively small number of contraindications
  • Hypoallergenic - The use of natural products makes this a great option for those that are allergic to synthetic products or pastes.
  • Safe - It is considered safer and less painful than standard waxing.
  • Economical - It is considered cheaper than many other hair removal products or techniques.

The main disadvantages and contraindications of sugaring are:

  • Sugaring takes a longer time to complete the procedure (it can take up to 60 minutes to treat “difficult” zones).
  • Sugaring should not be done with rosacea; chronic herpes lesions of the skin, or diabetes mellitus 3-4 degrees.
  • Temporary contraindications: intoxication (alcoholic/narcotic), mechanical damage to the skin, pregnancy, menstruation.

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