Transform Your Look with Eyelash Extensions at ANNAZUR Spa

Transform Your Look with Eyelash Extensions at ANNAZUR Organic SPA 1

Are you dreaming of having long, thick, and luscious eyelashes without the hassle of mascara?

Whether you're gearing up for a seaside vacation or an important celebration, eyelash extensions could be the solution you've been searching for.

At ANNAZUR Organic SPA, we offer eyelash extension services that not only enhance your natural beauty but also provide a range of benefits. Let's explore the advantages of eyelash extensions and the different types available.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Eyelash extensions work wonders in transforming your appearance. Short lashes can become longer, sparse lashes can gain thickness, and straight lashes can acquire a beautiful curl. The result is a more expressive and captivating look.
  2. Freedom from Mascara: Say goodbye to daily mascara application for several weeks! Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks with proper care, eliminating the need for mascara in your daily routine.
  3. Eye Shape Adjustment: If you wish to enhance the shape and contour of your eyes, eyelash extensions can help by creating a more defined and captivating look.
  4. Sea-Ready Lashes: Planning a beach vacation? With eyelash extensions, you can confidently enjoy swimming and sunbathing. They can withstand saltwater and the sun's rays, ensuring you look stunning throughout your getaway.
  5. Event-Ready Eyes: Preparing for a special event in the city? Your radiant look with new, vibrant eyelashes will not go unnoticed, helping you stand out in the crowd.
  6. Customized Effects: You have the freedom to choose the effect and volume of your eyelash extensions. Our experienced estheticians will provide expert guidance to ensure your lashes perfectly complement your natural beauty.

Understanding 1D, 2D, and 3D Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions come in various techniques and effects, such as 1D, 2D, and 3D. Here's a simple explanation of the differences:

  • 1D: One artificial lash is attached to each natural lash, creating a natural and subtle look.
  • 2D: Two synthetic hairs are attached to each natural lash, providing a bit more volume.
  • 3D: Three synthetic hairs are attached to each natural lash, resulting in a fuller and more expressive look.

The choice of volume depends on your preferences and the desired outcome, and a skilled esthetician can always strike the perfect balance between drama and naturalness.

Experience Glamorous Eyelash Extensions:

For a luxurious and glamorous look, consider the 3D volumetric method, where two or three synthetic hairs are attached to each natural lash. If you're looking for an even more dramatic effect, Hollywood extensions ranging from 4D to 8D are available, often favored by those in the entertainment industry. Our estheticians can also combine different extension methods to achieve your desired look.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions 1

Where to Get Glamorous Eyelashes in Jacksonville FL:

Working with eyelashes requires a combination of technical expertise and artistic flair. At ANNAZUR Organic SPA, our estheticians possess the knowledge, skills, and creativity needed to deliver stunning results that will leave you satisfied.

ANNAZUR Organic SPA offers top-notch eyelash extension services at two convenient locations in Jacksonville, Florida. Whether you're near Hodges Blvd or Salisbury Rd, we have you covered.


  1. 13400 Sutton Park Drive S Unit 1101, Jacksonville FL 32224 (Hodges Blvd): Located in the heart of Hodges Blvd, our first location offers a serene oasis where you can unwind and beautify your lashes with our premium eyelash extension services.
  2. 4130 Salisbury Rd Ste 1220, Jacksonville FL 32216: Our second location on Salisbury Rd provides another opportunity for you to experience the magic of eyelash extensions in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Choose ANNAZUR for Eyelash Extensions:

  • Highly skilled estheticians
  • Customized effects from natural to glamorous
  • Comprehensive range of eyelash services
  • Premium materials and modern equipment
  • Stringent sterilization and disinfection protocols
  • Quality services at affordable prices


Transform Your Look at ANNAZUR:

Visit ANNAZUR Organic SPA, where we'll be delighted to assist you in your transformation journey. Discover the beauty and convenience of eyelash extensions and embrace a captivating new look that enhances your natural allure.


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Siara Whaley
Siara Whaley
6 months ago
My eyebrows look SOOOOO GOOD. I’ll be going here for everything. Amazing quality and customer service is top tier. My eyebrow tech fixed my eyebrows after another place completely ruined them! It’s a miracle they look this good. Thanks so much Lorelei you rock!! * I added a before and after.
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf
2 months ago
I have been going to see Yulia just shy of a year for the Brazilian Sugaring. I first started seeing her during my second trimester. She always made me feel so comfortable. She was patient, personable, and professional. She truly is an experienced and qualified licensed esthetician. I drive well over an hour just to book with her-she is that good! If you’re on the fence about doing this, don’t be! You will be in good hands!
TyKera Williams
TyKera Williams
3 months ago
If you have not yet experienced waxing or sugaring services, I highly recommend trying it. To put it short, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! I recently received my services from Loralei, who I found to be professional, welcoming, and straightforward. I was impressed by her patience, she took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the process, ensuring there were no surprises or misunderstandings. Although many of the services I received were first time, this will not be my last.…
Joy Waugaman
Joy Waugaman
9 months ago
Jaylene was absolutely amazing! She was able to see me the same day and remove my old lashes and do a full set. She made them appear cat eye and they are just gorgeous! This spa also sells some amazing jewelry and skin care products. I’ve tried a few already and am in love. This is my new permanent salon for any brow, lash, or facial needs.
Khadijah Gray
Khadijah Gray
2 months ago
Aliz from Annazur Organic Spa is simply Sensational. She has transformed my skin and every experience is super luxurious and relaxing. I look forward to my facials every month. I highly recommend the hydra facial, Gua Sha lift facial, and the microdermabrasion along with all other services. The experience is 1,000,000/10 and you won’t be disappointed ❤️