Brazilian Bikini Sugaring Jacksonville

Brazilian Bikini Sugaring Jacksonville

Sugaring a Brazilian bikini zone is a delicate cosmetic procedure that saves women from the problem of having unwanted hair on the body. Every woman wants to have a perfect appearance, and this applies to even the most intimate areas of the body. Perfectly smooth and velvety, pleasant to the touch skin is the dream of every woman.

In good salons, professionals use essential oils and other skin-friendly ingredients to soften the skin. To achieve the above result, you can apply sugaring in the bikini area. This is a cosmetic procedure, the second effect is hair removal.

This process does not take a lot of time and the result after the procedure is impressive. The sugaring procedure was used by women in ancient times and it is becoming popular with modern women. “Sugaring” is the name of the procedure.

What Is The Brazilian Bikini Sugaring Procedure?

The above cosmetic procedure allows you to remove unwanted hair in absolutely any area on the body. For this purpose, specialists use high-quality professional pastes with a thick consistency. In order to make the clients skin softer, more elastic and velvety, estheticians use various mixtures of esters and natural lemon juice with the miracle paste.

Many women are hesitant to do hair removal in the intime zone. However, you just need to get used to this procedure. After having several such procedures, this sort of thing becomes quite familiar. The types of sugaring procedures may vary. Sugaring of the bikini zone may be average - the hair is removed only above the pubis, as well as on the sides of it.

And what is the sugaring of a deep bikini zone? In this case, hair is completely removed from the entire bikini area. This is a rather painful procedure, but some things cannot be avoided for the beauty of your body. After several sessions of hair removal with sugar in the deep bikini zone, the body will get used to it, and subsequent treatments will not be as painful as the first procedures.

Brazilian Bikini Sugaring Benefits

  • Sugar depilation is the best choice for the bikini area. Its results have huge advantages over other methods of epilation.
  • After the procedure hair growth in the entire area becomes thinner and softer. With each procedure, hair regrowth is thinner.
  • All types of sugaring give results for two weeks to one month; it varies for each individual.
  • With the regular use of a deep bikini hair removal treatments for one year, hair in that area of the body almost completely stops growing, and the procedure will need to be performed less and less often.
  • Sugar paste, which is used for hair removal, is not heated to a hot temperature. Therefore, sugaring bikini areas occur without getting burns.
  • The risk of an allergic reaction even with sugaring like a deep bikini is minimized due to the high-quality and natural ingredients of the sugar pastes used.


for Sugaring/Waxing

General recommendations and contraindication

Sugaring allows you to gradually improve the skin condition in an area over time. Sugar hair removal of the bikini area helps exfoliate dead skin particles without touching the “living” layer. It is recommended to perform epilation every 2-3 weeks, and this process will become less uncomfortable over time.

This procedure, as well as other varieties of this procedure, has a number of contraindications for use.

These are:

  • The presence of a disease such as diabetes at any stage of development.
  • Sugaring of a deep bikini zone is contraindicated in cases when one has an individual intolerance to any of the components of the paste.
  • In sugaring the bikini zone, the upper skin is also affected; therefore, it should not contain ulcers, inflammations, pimples, and any skin diseases.
  • If on the surface of the epilated skin area there are so-called vascular “stars”, sugaring in the bikini area is prohibited.
  • Brazilian bikini sugaring is not epilated in the case of existing vein expansion, as well as their proximity to the skin.

It is highly recommended that you have epilation of the Brazilian bikini zone performed exclusively by a skin care specialist.

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Joy Waugaman
Joy Waugaman
2 weeks ago
Jaylene was absolutely amazing! She was able to see me the same day and remove my old lashes and do a full set. She made them appear cat eye and they are just gorgeous! This spa also sells some amazing jewelry and skin care products. I’ve tried a few already and am in love. This is my new permanent salon for any brow, lash, or facial needs.
Jen Abercrombie
Jen Abercrombie
a month ago
I am so happy with my results! Can’t wait to go back for my Powder Ombre and my Brazilian Bikini Sugaring! Update: The sugaring was a relatively painless experience… will definitely do again as I am thrilled with the results. My powder brows look amazing for day two and I have gotten tons of compliments already!
Mj Barker
Mj Barker
in the last week
I'm a regular here now and I LOVE IT. I go for the sugar waxing and I stay for the good vibes. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. And they're efficient! One moment you're chatting about yard work and the next moment you're bald as a newborn baby. Environment is clean and calming. Definitely recommend!
Amber Haufler
Amber Haufler
a week ago
ANNAZUR is such a wonderful Spa, the staff is so welcoming and accommodating. Aliz is one of my favorites, she creates the best experience. I have enjoyed every treatment so far and will continue to visit.
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