Does Light Therapy Work For Acne?

Does Light Therapy Work For Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that can affect people at any age. There are many different forms of acne that require an individual treatment after a proper evaluation by a specialist. There are various methods of treatment that can be used to treat acne. In this article, we are going to talk about one of those methods, Light Therapy. The idea behind light therapy consists in exposing the affected area of the skin to special ultraviolet waves, which can disinfect the skin and eliminate inflammation.

Causes of Acne

First, we must understand the causes of Acne in order to better treat it. There are many reasons someone might suffer from acne. The main reasons are:

  • Increased secretion of the oily glands
  • Blockage of the oil gland and the upper part of the hair follicle
  • Infection because of acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes)
  • Skin inflammation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Allergies to drugs or cosmetics
  • Body hypothermia
  • Alcohol or caffeine abuse
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress

Where does acne usually appear on the body? Most often, acne occurs where the oil glands are most closely located: on the neck, cheeks, chin, chest, and upper back.

What Causes Acne Scars?

Trying to open or squeeze pimples at home is fraught with complications. Trying to resolve the issues on your own can cause "post-acne" effects on the body. Those effects include the following: 

  • atrophic - thin, retracted, wrinkle-like depressions in the skin
  • hypertrophic – frequent and deep scars
  • keloid - especially deep scars of that take on pink, red and purple shades
  •  Enlarged pores
  •  Dark spots
  •  General Redness of the skin

The effects of acne can greatly affect the appearance of your skin. It is possible however to smooth the post-acne scars and the surface of the skin, lighten age spots, remove redness with the help of Light Therapy.

Professional Acne Treatment

Early treatment of acne is necessary to prevent scarring. The method of treatment depends on the form of acne. Many times, to control extreme bouts of acne, antibiotics can be given.

However, antibiotics should not be taken for long periods of time as bacteria will develop a resistance and become more difficult to cure in the long run. Therefore, keep outbreaks  under control a non medicated treatment should be considered.

Remember, to control acne outbreaks you must:

  • Observe hygiene
  • Avoid stress
  • Adhere to principles of healthy eating
  • Get rid of bad habits
  • Do not use comedogenic cosmetics

We provide comprehensive treatment of acne of any degree of complexity. Our specialists will do everything possible to quickly and permanently rid your face and body of acne!


for Acne treatment

Acne Light Therapy

Light therapy can be used to successfully treat acne! There are two main types of therapy: broadband and narrowband. With broadband, a wide beam is used, while narrowband provides for a more limited focus.

The procedure is done in several steps:

  • First, the esthetician should talk with the patient regarding all the advantages and disadvantages of the Light Therapy. The patient’s medical history should be taken into consideration.
  • It is also necessary to determine the sensitivity of the patient's skin to ultraviolet rays.
  • Next, the esthetician examines the affected areas of the skin to identify the degree of inflammation and the prevalence of acne in order to choose the proper course of treatment.
  • The skin is then treated with antiseptic solutions. This will eliminate contaminants.
  • The patient must wear glasses for light therapy.
  • A gel is applied to the skin to cool and soothe. This reduces any unpleasant side effects.
  • When the prepping is done, the procedure will begin. The patient will feel warmth and a slight tingling sensation.
  • For several weeks, it is important to avoid sun exposure. Also, tanning should be avoided for a month after the procedure.

LED Light Therapy for Acne

A specific form of light therapy for acne uses LEDs. The light emitted by blue and red LED sources is used to treat acne and can destroy the bacteria  that causes acne  and reduce inflammation.

Light penetrates into skin tissue helping the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, metabolic processes in the body are normalized, and this in affect eliminates skin inflammation. Skin will then become more smooth and acquire a uniform color. The esthetician who performs the treatment should monitor the duration of exposure, depth of flow and pulse intervals of the light diodes.

Before the procedure, the patient’s skin type is analyzed. Based on the results, the esthetician determines the measure of the waves needed in the therapy. With each procedure, the overall effectiveness of the treatment increases by 25%.

To achieve the best possible result, about 10 procedures are required. When followed up by successive treatments up to 90% of acne can be eliminated.

In contrast to using acne oral medicines, LED light treatments ensure a long-term remission of the acne. After the light therapy treatment, the use of additional drugs is not required and acne will not recur for a lengthy period time.

Acne Light Therapy Benefits

Acne light therapy has several advantages compared to other methods. It is not invasive or harm the skin as is the case with some other cleansing methods.

After a course of treatment, the patient will notice a drastic change of the skin and acne will start to disappear. In addition to removing  acne, freckles and age spots will also disappear. Therefore, light therapy is suitable for people who have general skin blemishes as well.

The effectiveness of light therapy can be seen just a few days after the first procedure. You should not expect perfection right away, however results will improve with repeated treatments. Contact us today to get better healthier and more beautiful skin! 

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