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ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA offers various training courses for you to become a universal Microblading expert! This day and age microblading experts are in demand and can earn more than an esthetician who specializes only in Facials. Our instructors are top of the line artists with extensive experience in tattooing who are always up to date with the latest innovations and trends. We pay great attention to detail! 

The course has a model for each student.

We limit 1 to 3 people per study group to ensure the best possible training and individual attention to each student.

Full Course For Microblading

Full Course For Microblading - 2 Days

Theoretical part

  • History of technique
  • Advantages and differences of manual techniques
  • Skin structure
  • Contraindications and risks
  • Instruments and disinfecting  
  • Overview of microblading techniques
  • Preparation for the procedure
  • The main mistakes usually made
  • Eyebrow Architecture
  • Care
  • Working out plans on paper

Practical part

  • Posing: learning how to hold tools
  • Live practice on models in a real procedure
  • A detailed analysis of the nuances, difficulties, and pitfalls


  • How to start a business
  • How and where to find customers
  • Innovative ways of self-promotion
  • Pricing
  • How to pass an interview for employment in a salon


  • Assessment of students
  • Resume photos and portfolio creation
  • Analysis of errors and discussion of difficulties in working with models
  • Presentation of certificates of study

Prices from $2900

Advanced Microblading Course

2 Days

Price from $2900


for Training Courses

Why choose our training courses?

Having passed training at ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA you will  start a new career in 

Microblading. Specialists can earn up to $4000/month. Specialists can create their own work based on your schedule. The best part is microblading doesn’t require and big investment in tools and equipment. 

Advantages Of Training With Us

  • We issue a official certificate 
  • All supplies are free for the duration of the training
  • We provide individual models for each student
  • Small study groups up to 3 people
  • You choose the dates most convenient for your training

Commonly asked questions

What do you need to take the course?

Since the price includes all supplies for training it is best to simply have a notebook and pen for notes.

Do you need to learn how to sketch eyebrows first?

Our courses already include an overview of architecture and a how to sketch eyebrows. In our training courses this is included in the price whereas in other training centers this is often an extra fee.

Which techniques are better for a new esthetician?

It all depends on your personal preferences. Manual techniques include a needle attached to a special handle with which the esthetician performs the procedure. The permanent technique is performed by using a type of machine. Both techniques are superficial, painless and the healing process is quick.

How long are classes and on what dates?

You will be able to see that in the description for each course.

Can I purchase equipment and pigments from you?

We are not distributors; therefore, we really recommend trusted suppliers who provide guarantees for their products. We only share useful and necessary contacts and try not to make money on students.

Check our Reviews

Joy Waugaman
Joy Waugaman
2 weeks ago
Jaylene was absolutely amazing! She was able to see me the same day and remove my old lashes and do a full set. She made them appear cat eye and they are just gorgeous! This spa also sells some amazing jewelry and skin care products. I’ve tried a few already and am in love. This is my new permanent salon for any brow, lash, or facial needs.
Jen Abercrombie
Jen Abercrombie
a month ago
I am so happy with my results! Can’t wait to go back for my Powder Ombre and my Brazilian Bikini Sugaring! Update: The sugaring was a relatively painless experience… will definitely do again as I am thrilled with the results. My powder brows look amazing for day two and I have gotten tons of compliments already!
Mj Barker
Mj Barker
in the last week
I'm a regular here now and I LOVE IT. I go for the sugar waxing and I stay for the good vibes. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. And they're efficient! One moment you're chatting about yard work and the next moment you're bald as a newborn baby. Environment is clean and calming. Definitely recommend!
Amber Haufler
Amber Haufler
a week ago
ANNAZUR is such a wonderful Spa, the staff is so welcoming and accommodating. Aliz is one of my favorites, she creates the best experience. I have enjoyed every treatment so far and will continue to visit.
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