Is it possible to do Sugaring During Period?

So Many clients are interested in whether or not it is painful to carry out such hair removal during period

Sugaring is a safe hair removal procedure using sugar paste that pulls hairs along with the root. Sugar paste virtually eliminates the possibility of burns. This procedure can be performed on any part of the body, including in the bikini area. Women are often interested in whether it is possible to do sugaring during menstruation.

During menstruation, a lot of changes occur in a woman’s body: the state of blood vessels and even the immune system changes. Therefore, some phases of the cycle are a contraindication to cosmetic procedures. Before carrying out any procedure, you need to make sure how safe it is during menstruation.

Is it possible to do sugaring during menstruation?

During menstruation, the girl’s well-being can noticeably worsen, which is why the expression “critical days” appeared. From a medical point of view, menstruation is not an absolute contraindication for sugaring. However, in all women, menstruation proceeds differently.

It is worth listening to your feelings. If you feel normal, you can contact the salon and sign up for the procedure. Also, many clients are interested in whether or not it is painful to carry out such hair removal during menstruation. Indeed, during menstruation, pain can be felt more strongly. Therefore, if the menstruation itself is painful, it is advisable to postpone a visit to the salon for a couple of days.

Sugaring Possible Consequences

Cases of very serious complications after sugaring have not been recorded, since the procedure itself is quite gentle. However, sometimes the following unpleasant consequences occur during epilation during menstruation:

  • prolonged swelling of the skin;
  • stronger and longer pain;
  • the appearance of bruises and hyperpigmentation.

During menstruation, blood clotting decreases, so bruising is possible if the skin is damaged. However, with sugaring, the skin is practically not damaged, so this probability is small.

Sugaring Zones

The consequences of sugaring during menstruation affect not only the bikini, but also other zones, as the state of the skin and blood vessels of the whole-body changes. When epilating a bikini zone, it is more about inconvenience and awkwardness, since it is necessary to use tampons. This can cause additional inconvenience to those who are not used to using them.

When sugaring, you can fight unwanted hairs in the following parts of the body:

  • Underarms. Sugaring this area also helps hygiene but is done carefully because of sensitivity.
  • Legs. The hairs on the legs are denser and the covered area is larger, so you need to pay attention to the condition and reaction of the skin. If there is severe pain and redness, you can postpone the procedure.
  • Face. Typically, women remove hair using sugaring. This is a virtually painless procedure and is carried out quickly.
  • Bikini area. It is even possible to carry out the sugaring of a deep bikini during menstruation if one feels well.
  • Hands. Removing long thick and dark hair from hands will make you feel more confident.

You can book an appointment for the sugaring procedure of several zones at the same time. But it is better to alternate them in time so that the skin can recover.

Sugaring - How to avoid problems?

In order not to encounter complications, first of all, you must carefully consider who to use. A true professional will select material for sugaring according to the type and condition of the skin and hair and will conduct everything painlessly and quickly.

It is also worth listening to the state of the body. Weakness, malaise, heavy bleeding, cramping and pain indicate that you should wait a while with epilation or use other methods, for example, cream. There is an opinion that in the last days of menstruation, the pain is stronger than in the first.


for Sugaring/Waxing

Sugaring - The opinion of Estheticians and Customer Reviews

Estheticians say that sugaring during menstruation does not pose a serious danger, but it can cause discomfort. Before the procedure, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication. But if we are talking about the very first sugaring in life, then it is better to wait until the end of menstruation.

Most customer reviews about whether you can do sugaring during menstruation contain positive information. With the right approach, you can avoid unpleasant consequences and severe pain. A woman does not have to refuse to visit the salon on critical days.

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Siara Whaley
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Phoebe Huntington
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Jen Abercrombie
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