Pros and Cons of Anesthesia For Sugaring

Pros and Cons of Anesthesia For Sugaring

The procedure of hair removal is often accompanied by pain. The severity depends on the method of hair removal and the pain threshold. In such cases, before the procedure, you can purchase painkillers for sugaring in a pharmacy and tools for prepping in the form of sprays and tablets.

Pros and Cons of Anesthesia For Sugaring

When sugaring, through the application of sugar paste and its separation from the surface of the skin, unwanted hair is removed in the legs, arms, bikini and armpits. The process of sugaring, hair removal with the root takes place. It is this advantage that ensures the duration of the effect. It takes about 2-4 weeks to restore the bulb. Thus, the skin remains smooth for a fairly long period of time.

A day before the procedure, the treatment area is exfoliated to remove dead cells. The preliminary use of a scrub provides a strong grip of hairs to the sugaring paste. To prevent age spots on the skin, exposure to ultraviolet radiation should be avoided before and after the procedure.

During Sugaring

During sugaring, a specialist cleanses the skin from sebum and impurities, applies an antiseptic to prevent the inflammatory process. The sugar paste is applied to the affected area and smoothed. For each zone, a different texture of paste is used: dense, medium, or soft. The choice also depends on the temperature of the hands of the specialist and indoor environment.

The specialist applies sugar paste against the growth of hairs. This is necessary for the penetration of paste into the follicle, which will provide easy extraction of the hair. At this time, minor pain may occur, which can be reduced by ointments, for example.

After a few seconds, the paste is removed off the surface of the skin with a sharp movement. Usually pain is minimal due to paste removal in the direction of hair growth. The optimal hair length, which is 1/4 inch, helps to reduce pain. If the length of the hairs exceeds 1/4 inch, soreness may occur, as well as some hair breakage, and subsequent ingrown hair is observed.

Women with a low pain threshold are recommended to use painkillers, ointments, pills, and sprays. They can reduce the intensity of pain. These ointments can be applied to the skin, and a decrease in the pain threshold is observed.

Anesthetic creams can be used for sugaring different zones. Typically, cream is needed during sugaring armpits, ankles, inner thighs, and bikinis. These areas are characterized by increased sensitivity. Special tools reduce sensitivity in the surface layer of the skin.

The active components of creams are prilocaine and lidocaine. They relate to medium exposure anesthetics. Thus, anesthetic creams can eliminate sensitivity for several hours.


Important! The choice of a specific medication depends on the complexity and pain of sugaring.

Anesthetic creams should be applied before sugaring on the affected area. Usually, the agents are applied about an hour before hair removal. In some cases, it is advisable to apply creams immediately before the procedure. It depends on the speed of exposure.


for Sugaring/Waxing

How to Choose The Right Painkiller Before Sugaring

The principle of operation of an external anesthetic is to affect the nerve endings after applying the cream. Thus, the endings are disconnected from the nervous system. Loss of sensitivity occurs due to the lack of pain signals.  Usually analgesic creams are available in small tubes (30-100 ml). Use a small amount of the agent for safety measures.

Experts emphasize that the compositions of different painkillers can vary significantly. The main component is always anesthetic. Anesthetic creams only cool and slightly anesthetize the surface layer. Active substances cannot penetrate deep into the tissues where the follicles are localized. That is why the anesthesia when sugaring a deep bikini is not complete.

Important! Choose the right anesthetic cream to prevent risk of skin irritation in sensitive areas.

Possible Side Effects

With individual intolerance to the individual components of the drug, allergic reactions are possible:

  •  burning
  •  itching
  •  redness
  •  rashes

Contraindications to Painkillers For Sugaring

Anesthetic creams should not be applied if there is intolerance to the individual components of the product. Particular attention is required for oral medications. This is due to their systemic effects. Before use, you should carefully read the instructions. It is advisable to avoid taking painkillers, as they affect different pain factors.

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