Sugaring Wax Jacksonville FL

Sugaring Wax Jacksonville FL

Smooth, healthy skin has been a criterion of female beauty since ancient times. An effective method of removing body hair for a long period of time has been and remains epilation, one of the methods of which is sugaring. The bandage technique of sugaring is widely known as a simple and understandable procedure, and the manual technique requires skill. With a competent approach, the result will be pleasing in both cases.

What is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Sugaring is based on the application of the properties of sugar-based formulations to remove hair growth mechanically. Hair sticks to a viscous sweet paste, which allows removal with the root. Sugars (glucose and fructose) envelop the hair follicle, so the procedure is less painful than wax epilation.

An important feature of the technique is the removal of the paste from the surface of the skin in the direction of hair growth. In combination with the enveloping properties of the sugar base, this reduces pain and reduces the likelihood of injury to the dermis.

Sugaring Has Other Advantages?

  • Efficiency. The procedure allows you to get rid of all types of hair in different parts of the body for a period of 20 to 30 days, depending on individual physiological characteristics.
  • Safety. Deep penetration of the sugar paste to the base of the hairs prevents skin damage and irritation and no chance of burns. The method is successfully used to remove hair not only on the face, but also on the body, in the bikini area, or armpits.
  • Hypoallergenic. Sugaring pastes are made from ingredients with a high safety index. Sugaring methods are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Availability. The procedure itself and sugar bases are not expensive.


The advantages of sugaring are many, minimal discomfort compared with alternative methods of hair root removal. Contraindications to the method are minimized.


for Sugaring/Waxing

Limitations For Sugar Waxing?

  • carbohydrate metabolism disorders (diabetes mellitus);
  • dermatological infections;
  • the presence of wounds, abrasions;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of varicose nodes in the area of application;
  • tendency to bleed;
  • formation of neoplasms (including papilloma, overgrown moles, warts).


Sugaring is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Limitations are made by the menstrual cycle, since during this period the pain threshold decreases.

To reduce the discomfort of the procedure and achieve a good result, it is important to follow the rules and properly prepare the skin.

Preparatory Stage For Sugaring

When choosing to undergo a sugaring procedure, you need to take care of the skin in advance. Timely preparation reduces discomfort and provides efficiency.

Epilation will be more effective when the length of the removed hair is about 1/16 (3mm) - 1/4 inches (7mm).

The day before the procedure, it is recommended to clean the previously steamed skin with a scrub. Immediately before the session, in order to avoid the appearance of a rash and signs of inflammation, remove any oils or lotions from the skin for better adhesion of the sugar paste and treat it with an antiseptic.

Sugar epilation is performed using a special paste. The effect and sensations of the process depend on the skills of the specialist, as well as choosing the correct paste.

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Joy Waugaman
Joy Waugaman
2 weeks ago
Jaylene was absolutely amazing! She was able to see me the same day and remove my old lashes and do a full set. She made them appear cat eye and they are just gorgeous! This spa also sells some amazing jewelry and skin care products. I’ve tried a few already and am in love. This is my new permanent salon for any brow, lash, or facial needs.
Jen Abercrombie
Jen Abercrombie
a month ago
I am so happy with my results! Can’t wait to go back for my Powder Ombre and my Brazilian Bikini Sugaring! Update: The sugaring was a relatively painless experience… will definitely do again as I am thrilled with the results. My powder brows look amazing for day two and I have gotten tons of compliments already!
Mj Barker
Mj Barker
in the last week
I'm a regular here now and I LOVE IT. I go for the sugar waxing and I stay for the good vibes. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. And they're efficient! One moment you're chatting about yard work and the next moment you're bald as a newborn baby. Environment is clean and calming. Definitely recommend!
Amber Haufler
Amber Haufler
a week ago
ANNAZUR is such a wonderful Spa, the staff is so welcoming and accommodating. Aliz is one of my favorites, she creates the best experience. I have enjoyed every treatment so far and will continue to visit.
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