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* Top esthetician

Bikini French4539
Bikini Brazilian7159
Bikini Brazilian*8571
Glutes (Buttocks)3525
Back (Partial)3528
Stomach (Partial)2015
Full Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin)6955
Bikini French 45 39
Bikini Brazilian 71 59
Bikini Brazilian* 85 71
Glutes (Buttocks) 35 25
Back 60 43
Back (Partial) 35 28
Stomach 45 29
Stomach (Partial) 20 15
Arms 55 45
Arms (Half) 39 25
Underarms 30 21
Legs 75 65
Legs (Half) 49 39
Neck 29 15
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian) 219 169
Full Body (Underarms + Legs + Arms +Brazilian)* 279 219
Eyebrows 25 18
Ears 20 15
Lip 20 15
Chin 20 15
Cheeks 15 10
Nostrills 15 10
Face (Forehead + Cheeks + Lip + Chin) 69 55

What is sugaring hair removal?

Natural sugaring wax in a bowl

Sugaring is the most anti-allergenic method.

Most importantly, there are no chemicals in the ingredients!!! This is why sugaring doesn't irritate the skin and it has become more and more popular to use for hair removal.

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First, of all the skin area is wiped with a solution that gets rid of the oils on the skin for better grip of the hair.

Second, of all the sugaring mixture is applied in small areas.

The hair length 1/16 inch (3mm) - 1/4 inch (7mm).

After the procedure it is not recommended to visit tanning beds, saunas and swimming pools for some time.

The difference between sugaring versus regular wax is that when using sugaring the hair growth slows down, and this gives amazing results that last 3-4 weeks.

Unlike waxing, which removes live skin cells along with unwanted hair, sugaring is a gentle process that targets only the hair, reducing pain and irritation.
Bid farewell to the discomfort, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps associated with shaving or conventional waxing. Our sugaring wax near me service ensures a comfortable experience, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.

At our spa, we recognize the drawbacks of waxing, evident under a lamp, and proudly offer sugaring as a superior alternative. While waxing may attract those with minimal skill, sugaring requires expertise to provide a meticulous hair removal process without unnecessary pain or skin damage.

Those with diabetes should not have sugaring done.

Please note - sugaring is ideal for people with sensitive skin, this procedure takes place under room temperature therefore  burns and vessel dilation is avoided. Sugar kills bacteria which helps to minimize any kind of infection. The rest of the sugaring mixture that is left on the skin is cleaned with water.

A 100% organic solution perfect for sensitive skin. Unlike regular waxing, sugaring offers a gentle, malleable approach, ensuring a painless experience with minimal redness.

For those with skin prone to irritation, sugaring is your go-to option. The 100% organic paste adheres only to the hair, not the skin, reducing redness and discomfort. Unlike traditional wax, sugaring avoids extreme temperatures, eliminating the risk of burns, especially in sensitive areas.

Sugaring can be done on any part of the body. For example, Brazilian, arms, legs, and even private parts.

Woman with smooth legs after sugaring waxing

Treat Your Skin to Sugar Waxing!
What are the benefits of Sugaring over traditional wax?

Waxing/Sugaring removes the hair follicle**, this is important, because shaving on the other hand results in faster hair growth.
The reason is being that after cutting the hair stem with a razor the follicle of the hair becomes irritated which leads to faster growth, the hair becomes coarse, already on the second day you get a cactus feeling when touching, and nobody wants that!

Smoother skin for a prolonged period of time. Every woman's dream!

Hair becomes softer, finer and less noticeable. After sometime it could completely stop growing. It's an amazing feeling knowing you don't have to think about that anymore and use that free time for things which are more important.

This procedure suits very sensitive skin. Everyone of us is amazing in their own way, everyone of us has different type of skin. Shaving your body everyday results in rough skin.

Removing hair with the follicle results in better, softer skin, like a newborn baby's skin it will have a soft and airbrushed look on any part of the body.



Book today to lock in this special rate!
1st time customers only.

was $71

now just $59

for a Brazilian

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