What Areas Of The Body Can Sugaring Be Used?

What Areas Of The Body Can Sugaring Be Used

Sugar hair removal is so universal that it can be used on almost any part of the body, including the most sensitive areas. Today we’ll talk in more detail about the features, preparation process and secrets of sugaring different areas of the body. You will also learn about a unique cosmetic procedure known as eyebrow correction using sugaring.

Sugaring Bikini Area

The bikini area is characterized by increased sensitivity to mechanical tools and touch. A large number of nerve endings and mucous membrane are concentrated here. In general, skin in private areas is characterized by high humidity. Although Sugaring in the intimate area is most difficult to preform it is still recommended as the safest for the genital area.

Depending on how extensive the hair removal is, there are 3 types of sugaring that can be preformed in the intimate zones:

  • Classic Bikini Sugaring - This involves removing hairs that are visible around panty or swimsuit lines. Generally, the esthetician will preform the process in the inner surface of the thigh and the panty-line.
  • French Bikini Sugaring: This involves removal of all growth of hair in the inguinal region. The pubis and folds are subject to hair removal. Usually a thin strip of hairs remains on the pubis. After such a procedure, you can safely wear thong panties and have no hair show up.
  • Brazilian Bikini Sugaring - This type of sugaring is also called a “total” removal, because the hairs are removed not only on the pubis and inner thighs, but also in the inter-gluteal area.

How to prepare for bikini sugaring?

Preparation for sugaring deep bikini zones involves various steps that are both physical and mental.  Reduction of pain also depends on the quality of prepping. Avoid intensively rubbing the skin with a washcloth so as not to provoke the appearance of micro-cracks. This can lead to the development of inflammatory processes.

Before the procedure, it is important to prepare from a psychological point of view. If you are too anxious or stressed about the procedure this will also affect the threshold of pain. Often, nervousness provokes increased pain. Another important point is to avoid the use of all cosmetics in any areas before the sugaring procedure.

One of the main ways to prepare is to ensure that the hairs are the proper length. Often discomfort occurs in hair removal of the deep bikini zone when hairs are either too long or too short. If your hair length is too long they should be trimmed first.

To minimize discomfort, the following details should be considered before hand:

  • Time. The body’s highest pain threshold is at around 1-3 o’clock pm. It is recommended to preform a Brazilian or bikini hair removal during this time period.
  • Taking pain medication. A medication can be taken half an hour before the treatment.
  • Cooling. The skin should be rubbed with an ice cube when performing the treatment.

Sugaring Buttocks

Women who lead an active lifestyle — dancers, gymnasts — and whose body should always look perfect often resort to sugar hair removal of the buttocks. Noticeable growth in a “soft spot” can appear due to genetics or as a result of hormonal disruptions. Whatever the reasons, sugaring allows you to get rid of all types of hairs on the buttocks to achieve greater smoothness and aesthetics.

Sugaring of the buttocks is carried out in the supine position. To apply the paste, the esthetician uses a traditional spatula or squeegee. When processing intimate zones the spatula technique is most preferable so the esthetician does not touch sensitive skin, and the paste does not spread from the heat of the hands.

Sugaring Legs

The skin of the legs is tough and thick. Preparation for sugaring legs involves preliminary softening of the skin, for example, taking a warm bath.  To clean and disinfect the skin, use an alcohol solution. Preparation for sugaring legs can also include the use of talcum powder due to the stiffness of the hairs.

The leg area, together with the hips, represent a vast area for the sugaring esthetician and involve a considerable consumption of paste. Therefore, the treatment can be considered the most costly and lengthy. This requires some patience because in a salon sessions can last up to 2 hours.

You can simplify the task if you forgo thigh epilation. It makes sense to process this zone in the warm season, when outfits are more open and airy as possible. In winter, sugaring of the legs can be done on the lower leg area only. To preform sugaring on the knees they need to be held in a bent position and the skin should be pulled well.


for Sugaring/Waxing

Sugaring Arms

Well-groomed hands are one of the indispensable features of female beauty. Removing dark hairs on the hands with a razor is not acceptable and is also ineffective. Sugaring is the best solution. On the shoulders and forearms, the hairs grow at a right angle, so the process of removing them is not difficult. Depending on the thickness of the hair, the esthetician can offer full sugaring of the arms or hair removal to the elbow.

Hand hair removal is preformed when the hair appears too dark and long. It is a misconception that after hair removal the hairs will grow back in darker and thicker. On the contrary, over time the hair shaft becomes thinner and the growth becomes less and less noticeable. The hair on the hands is quite long, so it is better to choose a soft paste that will envelop the shaft well.

Sugaring Underarms

The skin in the armpits is thin and delicate and is the most unpredictable part of the body in terms of hair removal. Preparation for sugaring epilation includes the use of extremely gentle cosmetics. The hairs in the armpits are also thin, and it is important to make sure the area is completely dry. Avoid all scrubs before sugaring to prevent skin damage.

Some of the mental and anatomical issues with sugaring the armpit area are the following:

  • Area and Shape. The presence of dips and bends in the armpit requires special skill and accuracy from the specialist.
  • Accelerated hair growth and stiffness. For effective hair removal, the paste used is dense, and is left on the skin for several minutes.
  • Increased sweating. Before applying the paste the skin needs to be completely dried, otherwise the procedure will cause discomfort.
  • Sensitivity. Due to the thin skin and closely located lymph nodes, sugaring can be more painful in the arm pit zone.

Estheticians prefer to use manual techniques and dense paste for armpits. At the request of the client, the area can be anesthetized with ice or special preparations.

Sugaring Chest

Sugaring of a female breast means removal of the hairs growing around nipples. Removing hair growth in this intimate area with a razor is not recommended. It is easy to injure delicate skin with a blade and provoke bleeding.

If the hairs on the nipples are too annoying, you can use sugaring.  Compared with a razor, it is much safer. Hair removal on the chest will be effective if their length is at least 1/4 inch. For this type of procedure the softest paste is used and after the session a gentle emulsion is applied to the skin with soothing and moisturizing properties.

Sugaring Face

Light hair fluff on the female face is normal and does not cause discomfort and does not create aesthetic problems. Sugaring is performed for cases of intense growth of dark and coarse hairs, which for a woman is undesirable. Sugaring on the face is also good because it allows you to perform easy peeling at the same time as hair removal.

To prepare for facial hair removal, the delicacy of the skin should be considered. A day before epilation, treat the affected area with a light scrub. As a rule, hair should be between 1/16 inch (3mm) - 1/4 inch (7mm). Hair removal can be done with shorter hair lengths. But before the procedure, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the remnants of cosmetics, impurities, and oils. The hairs are treated with talc before applying sugar paste.

Sugaring Upper Lip

It is not difficult to remove hair growth on the upper lip with sugaring - the treatment zone is small. Sugaring of the upper lip is not recommended when there are rashes on the skin.

Epilation will cause unnecessary irritation and slow down the healing process. Strong pressure or friction should not be applied on the face since bruising and damage can easily occur. Due to the sebaceous glands on the face being especially active, any oil from the skin around the upper lip should be removed before the procedure.

Sugaring Chin

Hair growth on the chin and cheekbones can be a sign of an endocrine disease called hirsutism. It is characterized by male-type facial hair, and the hairs are distinguished by a rigid structure and darker color.
This phenomenon can cause serious concern to a woman, but with the help of sugaring, coping with the problem is quite possible. Over time, it is possible to achieve thinning and lightening of the hair, and the procedure can eventually be carried out much less often.

The technique and type of paste are selected based on the stiffness of the hair - the thicker they are, the denser the paste should be. For fine, light colored hairs, a soft paste and bandage technique is suitable. If the growth is thick and coarse, a dense paste and manual technique will come in handy.

Eyebrow Sugaring

Eyebrow correction with sugar paste is a novelty in the cosmetology world. This type of procedure helps to get rid of incorrectly growing hairs and give the eyebrow a beautiful outline. Unlike plucking with tweezers, which can injure the skin, sugaring is safer and less painful.  Medium density paste and a special narrow spatula is used for the application.

The best technique for eyebrow correction is considered a manual technique. Most often, the lower part of the arches, will require that you have to pull out several hairs in order to achieve the desired contour. The manual method allows a more subtle correction and gives a better ability to control the process.

Sugaring Neck

Some women dislike stray hairs sticking out from under a ponytail. With neck sugaring, the neck can be cleaned up and allow a woman to wear a variety of hairstyles.

During the procedure, the esthetician uses soft paste in a bandage technique. Hair removal is performed with great care due to the increased sensitivity of the skin on the back of the neck. After treatment, you should avoid wearing clothes with a collar for a while, so that irritation does not occur in the sugared area.

How to prepare for sugaring

These precautions are important to observe regardless of the location of the exposure zone. Ignoring these guidelines can adversely affect the result of hair removal.

Before treatment it is not recommended to:

  • Go to the beach, sunbathe, go to the sauna, or use a tanning cream/spray.
  • Perform a wrapping procedure.
  • Apply cosmetics to the skin.
  • Play sports or engage in heavy exertion causing increased sweating.

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