What is Lip Blushing?

Lip Blush Tattoo Makeup

In recent years you may have heard the phrases "permanent lip makeup", "lip tattooing", or "lip blushing". So just what are these techniques?

All of these names refer to the same thing. Simply put, it involves tattooing pigments on the lips in a way that looks natural and is semi-permanent.

Lip blushing creates fuller volume for the lips, makes clearer contours, and enhances their natural color. Permanent lip make-up should only be done by a specialist with the proper license. This type of cosmetic procedure is becoming more and more popular because the quality of materials and equipment for tattooing has increased.

This procedure is considered invasive and has a direct affect on the skin and should be taken into consideration accordingly. Carefully following aseptic and antiseptic standards are essential for any lip blushing artist. 

Lip Blushing Permanentn Makeup

Lip Blushing Procedure

The procedure involves using a pigment that is introduced into the surface layer of the skin of the lip with a needle. Although lip blushing is often referred to as "permanent", it's more accurately described as "semi-permanent", with the lip coloring typically lasting 1.5-2 years. So overall, the initial investment of this service pays off itself over time because you do not need to constantly use high cost lipsticks. In addition to the decorative effect, permanent tattooing of the lips can help to solve various esthetic problems and defects.

Unlike a tattoo, a “semi-permanent” makeup treatment will gradually lose its saturation. It is important that the tattoo artist finds out the exact wishes of the client and applies the makeup accordingly. At Annazur Spa, permanent lip make-up is performed both using professional tools and manually, using a special device and a set of disposable needles.

Lip Blushing Technique

Lip contour tattooing with “feathering'' is a permanent make-up technique combining contour tattoo and general lip color refreshment. Contouring consists of creating a light line along the natural shape of the lips. Giving the lips a light highlight (the color is selected by the cosmetologist depending on the pigment of your skin and lips), will give the lips more volume and shape.

The crisp and natural line created by the contour will hide skin defects, small scars, and age-related imperfections.

Lip Blush Permanent Before and after 1
Lip Blush Permanent Before and after

Why Consider Lip Blushing?

Permanent makeup can fix many lip imperfections and is used to save time that is usually spent on applying cosmetics. Beauticians recommend using permanent lip makeup in the following cases:

  • Lips that are not symmetrical
  • Lips that have no clear boundaries due to genetic characteristics or age-related changes
  • Lips that lack of volume

Very thin or pale lips may also benefit from a lip blushing treatment. Firstly, it will emphasize their natural shape and make a clearer and more expressive lip contour. Secondly, it will make them look more colorful and fuller. 

What can you expect after receiving a Lip Blushing procedure? 

  • Lip shape correction
  • Emphasized lip volume
  • Expressive and clear lip contour
  • Elimination of small scars and imperfections
  • Natural and colorful looking lips

Is Lip Blushing Safe?

Lip blushing should always be performed by a highly qualified specialist using aseptic techniques. At Annazur Spa, our permanent makeup artists follow the highest standards and have years of experience.

Who should not get lip blushing?

  • Those with poor blood coagulation
  • While pregnant or lactating 
  • With facial skin diseases
  • During menstruation

After the procedure, be sure to follow all the recommendations made by the tattoo artist. During the healing process, you may notice swelling, tingling or pain in the lips. This is a normal reaction. With lip shading, these side effects will pass in 7–9 days. If only contouring was done, the side effects may pass in 5–7 days.

If you're feeling hesitant, don't worry! This procedure is completely safe. Also, here at Annazur Spa we only use organic pigments which do not cause allergic skin reactions. You are guaranteed excellent results.


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Amber Haufler
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