What is Permanent Lip Makeup?

What is Permanent Lip Makeup

Do you dream of having colorful, fuller, perfectly contoured lips? Permanent Lip makeup is a great alternative to surgery and classical makeup and can help you get the lips you dream about. A professionally performed lip tattoo procedure is an opportunity to forget about ordinary cosmetics for several years and have amazing looking lips. Lip tattooing consists of applying permanent makeup to the lips. It is performed not only for beauty purposes but also as cosmetic correction to lips that may have a natural defect. The result is fuller, more colorful and perfectly contoured lips. The procedure is suitable for both younger and older women.

Lip Blush Permanent Before and after 3
Lip Blush Permanent Before and after 1
Lip Blush Permanent Before and after

Permanent Lip Tattooing

Modern tattooing techniques make it possible to preserve the natural and individual characteristics of the lips as much as possible.There are several reasons why you may opt for permanent lip makeup. The reasons may depend on your ultimate goal.

  • Do you want to have more colorful lips? Then the watercolor technique may be right for you. It is also called “contourless”. The Artist applies pigment under the skin while working on all the folds and smooth epidermis. The tint of pigment is usually selected to match the natural tone of your lips and match with your skin.
  • Are you already happy with your natural tone and want to improve their shape? Then the contouring technique may be more suited to you. It allows you to adjust the shape and slightly enlarge the lips. Having a permanent contour tattoo you can easily apply lipstick or gloss to your lips.

The most recommended option is both a permanent makeup shading over the entire area of ​​the lips in combination with the contouring of the lips. In this case, you can choose your desired tones, from neutral colors to juicy and brighter colors. Lip makeup tattoos will hide any defects, give the lips the desired shape and add additional volume. However, when selecting a semi-permanent color it is worth remembering that the tattoo cannot be washed off with water and your lips will remain this color for several years.

One of the most popular modern methods of Lip Tattooing is called a “3D tattoo” of the lips.  This consists in combining several color pigments to create a “3D” effect. The estheticians of our spa will choose the best combination that will give your lips a truly unique look. The number of sessions of Lip tattooing at our spa will be determined by the Tattoo Artist. Remember, the 3D effect is only possible with several sessions of lip tattooing.

General Lip Tattooing Types

  •  Lip contouring.
  •  Shadow shading
  •  Ombre effects
  •  Watercolor effects


Lip Blushing Permanentn Makeup

Lip Tattoo Procedure

How does permanent makeup work? Really it is the application of pigment under the skin with a short thin needle, similar to a tattoo. We only use organic dyes which reduces the risk of allergies by 99%.

To make the procedure painless, various anesthetics are used before the procedure. If you still feel scared about your tolerance to pain, we recommend talking it out with the tattoo artist. Together, you can identify if you have contraindications for tattooing or if you will tolerate it well.

After 3-4 weeks of healing after the main procedure, you need an additional session to make any final corrections and apply the finishing touches. By this time, color stabilization occurs within the lip and the scabbing that may occur after the procedure will have passed. Whether or not the recommendations of the specialist are followed and your body's natural healing processes, recovering time may vary.

The main stages of permanent lip makeup:

  • Skin cleansing, treatment with a disinfectant solution.
  • Pigment selection and prep.
  • Performing a sketch on the skin with the selected pigment and, at the request of the client, making appropriate adjustments.
  • Applying local anesthesia.
  • Performing tattooing.
  • Antiseptic skin treatment, applying a healing cream.

While it depends on the individual characteristics of your body, well-made permanent makeup can last up to 2 years. A highly qualified Lip Tattoo Artist will take about 2-3 hours to acquire high-quality and beautiful colorations to the lips. Also depending on the type of procedure the artist may recommend performing lip tattooing in 2-3 procedures with an interval of 1 month between each session.


Benefits of Lip Blush Tattoo

A permanent lip makeup procedure will help you keep a perfect appearance. Whether you are at the pool, in the rain, in the sun, in the sauna, early in the morning or after a hard day's work, you will always look perfect. The procedure will help correct flaws. With the help of permanent makeup you can hide imperfections that prevent you from feeling attractive such as asymmetry, scars, pale color, fuzzy contours, age-related changes, etc.

Why choose ANNAZUR Organic Beauty Spa? 

  • We use quality equipment and materials in our procedures
  • We use an personalized and individual approach to each client
  • You will see results that last at least 2 years
  • We follow strict compliance of hygiene and aseptic technique
  • We follow strict confidentiality 
  • Get the best prices

Feel free to contact us with a request to correct a tattoo made outside of our spa. We would be happy to give you a consultation for correcting the procedure and see how we can best help you.


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Joy Waugaman
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Amber Haufler
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